jasonjots is written by Jason Wong, a personal blog about building wealth in the most simplified way.Hey everyone! I’m Jason and I’d like to thank you for visiting this blog.

I’m just a simple natured guy born in a Malaysian town called Miri, and bred in the oil-rich country of Brunei Darussalam. My background is one from small city roots so you can appreciate my desire for simplicity in everything.

From a very young age I was exposed to numbers because I grew up having an accountant mother for the family business – numbers in the right columns, numbers adding up correctly, numbers numbers numbers! You get the point.

My other love is electronic gadgets. Just like a bug, I’m attracted to shiny lights and smooth surfaces, stuff that make noises. My wife describes me as a little wide-eyed kid when she gifts me with new technology.

Influenced by my humble bean counting roots and innate passion for technology, I decided to mash both interests together to  complete a double bachelors degree in Commerce and Information Systems at Melbourne University. Since graduating, I’ve made a career out of finance. I first became a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, and then transitioned into Funds Management; both roles which have helped me tremendously in understanding the basics of wealth building.

I currently reside in Melbourne, Australia and work full-time as an equities Fund Manager. I spend my day scouring the marketplace for investable companies on behalf of high-net worth clients. I love listening to stories from companies, and I could sit all day listening to their wealth building adventures. I learn about their strategies and goals, and understand the varied ways to building long term wealth.

Everyday I get to meet inspirational leaders who talk about their field of expertise and I learn a lot!  As I’m sure you can tell, I’m very passionate about building wealth for my clients and myself. And that is why I love my jobs; being both a Fund Manager and a wealth blogger.

I love sharing about what I have learned because good wealth building ideas never go out of style. Jasonjots is my online journal, my jot pad if you will. It’s a resource base that I often refer back to myself to ensure that I don’t forget about all the wealth strategies that I pick up along the way. Good ideas are also never exclusive, so I’d like to share these stories with you so you can use it for your own wealth building benefit.

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