Questions that EVERY property investor needs to ask

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Today’s newsletter from my local property agent reads “House No.5 sold for $250,000 above reserve : more houses wanted for an almost guaranteed quick sale!”. Meanwhile on the papers, a 3rd release of the Darling Square development consisting of 391 inner Sydney apartments sold out in just under 4 hours. For the time-poor casual observer … [Read more…]

Financial comfort level of your fellow Australians

Are you worried about your financial situation? ME bank's household financial comfort report December 2015 spills the secrets on the latest financial worry of ordinary Australians.

If you are feeling a bit uneasy about your financial situation, you are not alone! At least that’s what ME bank’s latest household financial comfort report says in the 6 months to December 2016. The latest release is an update to a post I did earlier back in August which covers the real-world stuff that … [Read more…]

5 things to consider for property investors when interest rate rises

Housing finance Jul15

In my previous post on being a young homeowner (read it if you haven’t already!), I alluded to the dangers of rising interest rates and housing affordability. It’s a key area to look out for when considering a huge mortgage because a rising interest rate environment means bigger monthly repayments and more weight on your shoulders, figuratively … [Read more…]

Is your household prepared for a financial meltdown?


Had a very good chat with friends over our weekly Friday night dinner and the topic of the week was job security. It seemed like the obvious topic to discuss, given it is just past financial year end 2015 in Australia and most corporates have recently concluded yearly performance reviews for their employees. Going around … [Read more…]