Enjoying the ride

I love wealth building.

The love story started back in 2001 when I started University. During my formative years, I was pumped full of “the world is your oyster” type encouragements making me believe that I could be anything I wanted to be.

I worked out quickly that in order to be what I wanted to be, I really needed to have wealth.

The problem was . . . I hadn’t the slightest clue on what financial concepts meant, where to find help, and how to build more wealth.

I was really hoping that University would have taught me the basics of personal financial management but they failed miserably at that. In fact, most financial institutions don’t do a good job in educating their students about the nuances of personal finance; the concepts, the practicalities of wealth building, the methods to be applied.

I finished University not knowing anything about the art of wealth building. And I’d hate for it to happen to others who come after me.

So that’s really why jasonjots was created. This blog is really all about chronicling the trials and tribulations of re-educating myself on what it really means to build wealth. Stories shared on this blog talks about the finance lessons that I’ve learned along the way from being a student, an accountant, a fund manager, an investor, and a husband/father.

It also includes lessons from others who have their own wealth building story to tell, whether it be through businesses or world conquering ideas.

About jasonjots

Jasonjots is not about lecturing you on what to do to build wealth. The hope is to have these posts conjure up tips and ideas to help you in your journey to building your own wealth story. That way, you can then hopefully make the transition from clueless to clued-up just that much smoother, that much easier.

At the end of the day, jasonjots is all about ensuring you don’t repeat the mistakes that are discussed here.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog. I hope that at least one of the stories here resonates with you and will help you find the guidance that you seek.

We all deserve the future we set for ourselves; wealth building is the key to making it all possible.