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What if I told you now that the subjects that you’ve been taught in University are not enough to arm you with the knowledge to survive in the real world? Would you be disappointed?

I surely was.

I really believed that good grades and attending classes were enough to give me the skills I needed to succeed in winning my dream job upon graduation. Disappointingly though, that wasn’t the case. My “good grades” only got me a job after 6 months of searching and scavenging for anyone who would take on an unqualified graduate.

One thing I questioned continuously was, “aren’t graduates by definition qualified?”

Well, apparently not judging by the number of times I was told I didn’t have the appropriate skill-sets to do the job.

I had the dreaded skills gap. There’s something not right in the world when despite spending 20 years in the education system, you still get told that you are unqualified!

The job search struggle is very real

I’m definitely not the first to struggle with getting their first job, and I definitely won’t be the last. It is fact that many graduates quickly become disillusioned with the process of job searching, ultimately giving up the search entirely.

As I’ve later realised, my mistake was approaching the job search without properly understanding the skills I had to offer. And I mean proper work skills, not being able to rub my belly clockwise and tap my head which by the way is really difficult to do! Making matters worse, I wasn’t sure what type of work suited my individual characteristics so I used the scatter-gun approach and applied for every job that was posted, regardless of role.

That turned out to be a disaster involving soul crushing rejections of epic proportion.

What if I told you there is a better way to address the issue of skills gap which then would likely lead to dramatically reduced duration (and stress) of your first job search? Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

Career profiler

I’ve recently came across a really nifty tool called the career profiler, which completely does away the skills guesswork that graduates have to deal with. After answering a quick questionnaire, this tool tells you exactly what your skill-sets are, and the type of jobs you should be looking for.

This tool was created by one of Australia’s leading RTO (registered training organizations) Upskilled, and they certainly know a thing or two about skill-sets and career opportunities.

logo of Upskilled

All up, the process took me a total of 15 minutes and what I got in return was really quite impressive. Compiled into a neat PDF report, it touched on :

  • my preferred working style given my personal characteristics and who I really am as a person;
  • the strengths and qualities of my style;
  • and most importantly what type of job roles my characteristics would suit.

I regularly use diagrams in my posts as it’s a really easy way to put words into context. Fortunately the profiling report is decked out with easy to understand diagrams which makes it really clear where my style and strengths stand in comparison to other types of styles/strengths.

Chart referencing skills to appropriate jobs

I was actually quite relieved to see that my skill-sets were suited to analyst type jobs, and that a career in Finance & Accounting/IT were the most appropriate roles for me. I would have been devastated if I found out that my current career path wasn’t complementary to my working style.

This tool is also particular useful as a skills road-map if I ever considered a change in career. Looking at my analyzed diagram, I might have a good chance in being involved in “Security & Risk”, “Administration” or even “Education” given my skills. I however would have very little chance in being in “Beauty & Natural Therapy” or “Graphic Design” given the skills needed are so different from my inherent style.

It’s all about being informed about career choices, and this profiler does a very good job in doing so.

Support is very readily available

On top of the insights that this analyzer tool gives you, you also have the benefit of having Upskilled being able to offer education solutions to help you enhance your CV. Their available selection of more than 90 accredited education courses cover a wide ranging base, and would be the ideal first step to plug any existing skill gaps that are preventing you from winning your dream job.

Plenty of courses to suit any careers

The cherry on top is the fact that Upskilled has an education partnership with 7 Australian universities nationwide that are available on-hand if you ever wanted to take things up a notch and pursue another University degree.It gets better.

Being one of the leading RTOs in Australia, everything you need to being Upskilled can be accessed through their portal 24/7. Doesn’t really get any easier than that!

Is it worth making the investment?

It was years of slow self discovery that led me to this point of being career-stable; the process would have been a lot smoother if these tools were made available to me from the very beginning. It would have helped in focusing my job searching efforts, provide guidance to properly identify skills gap and provided me the tools to strengthen my own capabilities.

The journey to finding a dream job can happen immediately for some people, but for most it takes a long time and a lot of effort to eventuate. The key to making it happen is preservance and a desire to never stop in upskilling yourself to put yourself in the best position to succeed.

As many of my mentors have told me before, the best investment you can make is the one that you make in yourself. Knowledge is power as Francis Bacon once said, and that, my friend, really is the key to building long term wealth.

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