Jasonjots has a new boss


jasonjots has a new boss

Hello? Is anyone there?

That’s the collective thought that I’ve been made aware by one of my readers today. In hindsight, this post should have been published 5 months ago when I dropped off the radar but I couldn’t for exactly the same reason why I disappeared in the first place.

Before you even think about anything negative – no I didn’t run out of insightful wealth tips, no I didn’t lose my wealth enthusiast passion, and no I didn’t forget how to type! – I actually have something much more positive to share which explains my disappearance.

So what happened?

I became a father to Baby B for the first time! Yes I sure did.

Jasonjots has a new boss. And my first thoughts about the new boss? He’s bloody tough on me!

The things that well-intentioned people warned me about once I became a father was very much true. The most truest of them all is the obscene amount of time that Baby B needs from me. Someone before told me to chart my daily tasks (as I have done below) and figure out where a baby is going to fit in.

I had no idea.

charting of tasks during the day in jasonjots

How someone so incy wincy can be so needy blows my mind! But I say that with pure love. I’m more than happy giving what very little time I have to him. And I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Unfortunately, that also means that every other aspect of my life has been put on the backburner to ensure that I give my all to nurture my little bundle of immense joy. As any parent will tell you, education doesn’t only happen in schools and that home teachings are just as important if Baby B is to have the best chance to fulfill his life’s potential. *No pressure*

So here I sit, embracing my new role of being a daddy in all its glory. Another notch on my already overweighted belt of professions.

I’m scared about moving into this new role, completely unsure about my qualifications of being a father. But at the same time, I now know what it means to be ‘wealthy’. My life has now gained another treasure and I am looking forward to this new adventure that many refer to as “the best thing to ever happen”.

And to my other baby being this blog, I’d like to also say a few words to you too. Don’t worry I’m not leaving you; I’m just sharing you with other things that I care deeply about. My passion for sharing wealth building ideas is still as strong as ever, and I am working on a schedule to give everything (and everyone) the attention they deserve.

As I’ve done in the past, it’s one step at a time from now onward. So please join me on this journey to find out what it really means to build long term wealth, financial or otherwise.

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