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Thump, thump, thumping to the tunes of my favourite running track to unwind from the day’s stresses is one of the best feelings in life.

Many people don’t know this about me but running is one of my closet passions. On days where it gets a bit hectic, nothing beats donning a pair of runners and hitting the pavement hard. There’s something therapeutic about the repetitiveness of feet meeting ground, and the satisfying feeling of reaching the goal you set yourself, where it be time or distance based.

In 2011 I had my most rewarding experience as a runner by completing a full 42km marathon in under 5 hours.

Jasonjots Marathon

Come 16th March 2016, I’m going to be taking part in my next running adventure, and I want you to join me this time.

This year Bloomberg, in conjunction with Square Mile sports, is bringing its global run series Bloomberg Square Mile Relay right to our doorsteps. This event has been around since 2007, and have been held in famous cities such as London, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong and Shanghai, each time selling out and receiving much fanfare.

Bloomberg Square Mile Relay Sydney

This is a first time event for Sydney, hence called Bloomberg Square Mile Relay Sydney, and will be held in the newly established Tumbalong Park in downtown Sydney, right in the heart of the world famous Darling harbour.

So what exactly is the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay Sydney?

At its core the Bloomberg Sqaure Mile Relay Sydney is a running event for finance professionals.

Now before you recoil in horror at the very mention of the word “running”, this event is not your typical heart-pounding race. It’s a charity event of sorts where teams of 10 try to complete a 10 mile relay race in the fastest possible time around a closed race track.

That is, each team member runs 1 mile (or 1.6km) around a street track, each time passing a baton onto his/her teammate who then continues to run to repeat the same process.

Each member runs only once, and when 10 miles have been completed, the aggregated time is added up to form a total team time. The team with the fastest combined time is rewarded with a whopping AUD$10,000 to be donated to their chosen charity of choice.

To top it off, the winning team also earns the privilege of having their name and time enshrined into the folklore of Bloomberg Square Mile Relay Sydney, forever to be awed upon as the first team to win in Australia.

There’s more to the event than just running

The fun doesn’t actually stop after your short run; it continues into the networking event of the year to attend if you are a finance professional. Given that this is a Bloomberg-led event, it is sure to draw in big hitters from the finance industry so this event is the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with these influencers.

What’s so amazing about this event is that you can also join even if you are not in finance. All you need is a team of 10.

If you prefer a low key way to enjoy the event instead, bring your supporters around for a get-together to enjoy a fantastic night out munching away on food and dancing to the live entertainment. Other professionals will be there so you might bump into a mate or two.

To the many of you that I’ve never met, I’ll be there so come say hello!

Costings and house keeping

A total cost of AUD $1,595 + GST is payable for a team of 10, and this grants you entry into the race and the networking after-party, including food, drinks and entertainment. All to be enjoyed at the Sydney harbour precinct.

However, if you sign up before 12th February 2016, you get the special early bird discounted price of $1,395 + GST.

To register your team, hop onto here. For convenience only one participating member needs to register and pay on behalf of the team.

If you wanted more information on anything, visit or their Facebook page.

Why you should sign up!

Taking part in the event represents a perfect marketing opportunity to get your team name out to market. It will be included in the event publication, and if your team wins, it will go on international publications. Imagine your team name alongside Bloomberg!

The huge prize reward of AUD$10,000 towards a charity of choice will do wonders for your corporate responsibility register as well.

Also, taking part in a relay, and catching up afterwards in a relaxed environment is the perfect opportunity to build team spirit within your 10-person group. Not to mention the health benefits that comes with running as well.

Last but not least, the running distance is only 1.6km. Long enough so you can potentially break a sweat and feel like you’ve exercised, but short enough that ANYONE could do it.

So don’t delay. Get your teams registered for this fantastic event and I promise you will have a blast of a time.

I’ll leave you with a taste of what to expect.

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